Agile Scrum Master

An Immersive 3 Day Course With Interactive Exercises To Prepare Attendees To Be Awesome Scrum Masters

This course is open to attendees with some exposure to using Agile and Scrum, and who want to learn more about the deeper theory and application of Scrum. This workshop applies the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) learning objectives from the Scrum Alliance and prepares attendees to be effective Scrum Masters.

This 3 day immersive course includes the following learning objectives:

  1. FOUNDATIONS - An in depth treatment of the Agile manifesto and the foundations of Agile
  2. THE SCRUM FRAMEWORK - Experience Scrum through tutorial based discussion and the practical application of the most popular Agile framework in the world today
  3. LEAN, AGILE AND SCRUM - How the Scrum theory is used to facilitate the Scrum events, support the three Scrum roles and enable the Scrum Team to produce the artefacts
  4. AGILE FACILITATION - How to facilitate the Scrum events effectively providing an environment that supports both safety and an equal voice for the Scrum Team
  5. AGILE COACHING - How to support self organising behaviour to enable a Scrum Team to be high performing, innovative and creative
  6. SUPPORT TO THE TEAM - How to work as a servant leader, promote valuable engineering practices
  7. SUPPORT TO THE PRODUCT OWNER - How to coach the Product Owners to collaborate effectively with the Scrum Team
  8. SUPPORT TO THE ORGANISATION - How to assist the organisation in its use of Agile and Scrum, to remove impediments and evolve to a innovative culture

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