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Agile Tune Up

Using Agile But Need A Quick Hit To Get Back To Awesomeness

Agile can be very easy to understand and yet hard to master, and all teams will need a Tune Up at some point in their lifetime, whether they are new to Agile and trying to apply their knowledge in practice, or seasoned veterans that have gone a bit stale and need to be reinvigorated, some well positioned coaching can really help them to get back on track.

Tune up activities can include:

  1. AGILE ASSESSMENTS - Various methods and assessments can be used to evaluate how things are going and identify improvement areas
  2. ONE TO ONE OR TEAM COACHING - To provide some deeper insights into how they are using Agile and discover new opportunities for growth
  3. DYSFUNCTIONS - To assist, identify and facilitate the resolution of key impediments and blockers
  4. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER - To help teams and leaders understand more about Agile in practice so that they can develop a more conscious and aware approach to Agile

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