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Agile Workshops

Deeper Lessons In Applying Agile

Agile is a contact sport and real learning happens when you put it into practice, so here are some of the workshops that we can provide to help teams apply the theory and gain some deep insights into what works and what doesn't.

If you don't see anything here that you're looking for, contact us and we can make it happen through our extended coaching network. 

  1. OPEN SPACE - Open Space Technology is a large scale self-organising approach to solve complex problems
  2. AGILE PROJECT SIMULATIONS - Half day scaled Agile project simulations with Lego, programming BBC micro:bits or building web pages for up to 80 attendees
  3. SYSTEMS THINKING - Using the Lego Serious Play approaches and Causal Loop Diagramming to model complex systems
  4. AGILE PRACTICES - Various Agile practice based workshops including daily scrums from hell to mob programming
  5. STORY MAPPING - An in depth treatment to create and maintain story maps as Product Backlogs on steriods, providing more in depth product engagement and product strategy
  6. ESTIMATING & METRICS - Techniques for estimating and measuring progress towards the Sprint Goals using several approaches for relative sizing
  7. STRATEGY & RELEASE ROADMAPS - Identifying the project dynamics, key risks and implementing a delivery strategy to improve the probability of success
  8. PRODUCT DISCOVERY - determining the next killer feature that will be unexpected but excite and delight
  9. ADVANCED BUT SIMPLE AGILE - Are your teams ready to ditch the Agile framework training wheels and evolve into something more?

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