Agile Project Simulation with Lego

This 1/2 day workshop provides an interactive experience for teams that are new to Agile, and enables them to complete their first Agile project within 3.5 hours.

It involves building constructs with Lego and challenges the participants to work collaboratively as a number of small teams using iterations, feedback and process improvement to produce a satisfactory and cohesive product within a fixed time frame.

The immersive experience enables participants to discover what an end to end Agile project looks like, feels like and what the common challenges are during product delivery.

This workshop aligns with up to date Adult learning techniques and furnishes the participants with in depth complex experiences, which when combined with post workshop Agile coaching illustrates deeper learnings when teams are in contact with real life challenges and how to deal with them whilst transitioning to Agile.

Learning Objectives

  • To sufficiently prepare the attendees to apply Agile practices to real life projects
  • To provide an opportunity for attendees to complete their first Agile project and benefit from the experience
  • To enable a deeper insight into the Agile principles and how these might be applied to real projects

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