Advanced Agile

Up To Date Agile Practices And Approaches To Grow Innovative Teams And Influence Cultural Change

This practical workshop is a learning laboratory that challenges teams to deliver an Agile project whilst evolving beyond the need for frameworks. Supported by our experienced Agile Coaches in a safe and controlled environment, teams will learn how to really apply the Agile Manifesto into practice.

The workshop helps teams build their confidence and prepares them with new skills to use the very next day in their own context.

This intensive 3 day workshop includes the following learning objectives:

  1. AGILE APPROACHES TO CHANGE – Valuable organisation metrics, change management approaches, reducing bottlenecks, impediments and friction
  2. WORKING WITH AMBIGUITY – How to be comfortable with uncertainty and use it as an opportunity to explore the problem to be solved
  3. COLLABORATION – How to actively collaborate with team members
  4. ADAPTATION – How to evolve outcomes using iterative and incremental delivery
  5. EXPERIMENTATION – Confidence to experiment, prototype and validate Customer assumptions
  6. DECISION FRAMEWORKS – Frameworks to help support decisioning and alignment
  7. METRICS – Developing impact metrics to influence decisions
  8. MULTIPLE TEAMS AT SCALE – How to arrange multiple teams that align towards common goals and program level development
  9. APPLY NEW SKILLS – Taking the learning back to the working environment