Agile Fundamentals

A Fast Paced 2 Day Workshop To Provide Confidence In Using Agile On Real World Projects And Products

This workshop is open to attendees with little to no exposure of using Agile, and who want to learn more about the practical application in real world projects and products.

The activity is:

  • Fully immersive and challenges teams to build a new product with unfamiliar tools and concepts
  • Creates a high performance Agile working environment
  • Develops confidence in the teams to apply Agile in context and with a new found zest for product development
  • For new to Agile and experienced practitioners who want to learn new skills or sharpen up their approaches

The two day workshop includes the following learning outcomes:

  1. FOUNDATIONS – An in depth treatment of the Agile Manifesto and living the values of Agile
  2. THE SCRUM FRAMEWORK – Experience Scrum through practical application of the most popular Agile framework in the world today
  3. PRODUCT CONCEPT – Developing the Product Concept with empathy and impact mapping approaches
  4. FIXED COST PROJECT – The workshop is a fixed cost project with limited time available providing healthy realistic commercial pressures and boundaries
  5. DELIVERY STRATEGY – Release planning with story mapping to help implement iterative and incremental approaches
  6. INSPECT AND ADAPT – Learn how to obtain and incorporate feedback to adapt the product delivery
  7. DONE, DONE, DONE – High intensity to complete items with high quality
  8. SELF REFLECTION – Reviewing the product build and what lessons and new skills the teams can take away and apply in the real world