Agile Leadership

Modern Leadership To Nurture Innovative Teams And Develop An Agile Culture

Leading Agile teams requires a different toolset from traditional management approaches to be successful, and also involves a cultural change which can often be unexpected and challenging.

To have teams that are creative, innovative, vibrant, confident and can think for themselves usually sounds like a great idea and an aspirational goal for the organisation. The challenge is how to grow and support them. 

This workshop, (or alternatively a coaching program,) intends to provide some deeper insights into the management approaches and leadership tools that are more successful than others when growing and cultivating agile teams.

There are several case studies and scenario based exercises to explore what works, what doesn’t and how we need to use different leadership tools to be successful.

  1. THE CONTEXT FOR AGILE – The changing landscape, modern management approaches, customer centric organisations, employee engagement and leading in an Agile context
  2. AGILE OVERVIEW – The Agile foundations, characteristics of high performing teams, popular Agile frameworks and working with stakeholders in an Agile organisation
  3. LEADERSHIP IN AN AGILE CONTEXT – Mindset and cultural shifts, leadership development frameworks, incorporating feedback, being present, engaged and aware within the Agile context, and coaching leadership
  4. THE AGILE ORGANISATION – Working with multiple teams in an enterprise, building trust and collaboration, influencing the culture and structure of the organisation
  5. AGILE APPROACHES TO CHANGE – Valuable organisation metrics, change managment approaches, reducing bottlenecks, impediments and friction