Agile Product Owner

To Help Product Owners Gain Deeper Insights Into Customer Needs And Balance Technical Capabilities

This workshop prepares attendees for the Product Owner role through practical application of Agile on real projects.

The activity is:

  • Fully immersive and challenges teams to build a new product with unfamiliar tools and concepts
  • Creates a high performance Agile working environment
  • Develops confidence in the teams to apply Agile in context and with a new found zest for product development
  • For new to Agile and experienced practitioners who want to learn new skills or sharpen up their approaches

This immersive workshop includes the following learning objectives:

  1. FOUNDATIONS – An in depth treatment of the Agile manifesto and the foundations of Agile
  2. THE SCRUM FRAMEWORK – Experience Scrum through tutorial based discussion and the practical application of the most popular Agile framework in the world today
  3. THE PRODUCT OWNER ROLE – How the Product Owner works with the Scrum Team and the organisation stakeholders
  4. PURPOSE AND STRATEGY – How to form roadmaps, vision and an emergent strategy for delivery
  5. CUSTOMERS AND USERS – How to bring teams and customers together to research customer needs, value and facilitate product discovery
  6. TESTING PRODUCT ASSUMPTIONS – How to facilitate an inspect and adapt approach to validate assumptions and refine the product
  7. WORKING WITH THE PRODUCT BACKLOG – How to define and utilise outputs to reach outcomes, ordering and refining the Product Backlog