Agile Transformation

Embedded Coaching To Coordinate And Implement Agile Practices And Principles In Your Enterprise

Transforming an organisation from using traditional project delivery methods to being comfortable with using Agile approaches can be a difficult and long term initiative. Agile adoptions usually start with implementing basic practices, but then organisations get caught unaware of the cultural change aspects of an adoption and the impacts that pilot teams can have on the rest of the enterprise.

Our experienced coaches are available to help you along every step of the way to achieve your goals, dodge the sink holes and climb towards a vibrant and innovative culture. 

Each enterprise is different, and some common approaches include the following:

  1. WHY AGILE – Establishing a sense of purpose as to why we are transitioning to Agile and what are the organisational objectives
  2. SUPPORT NETWORK – Assisting and supporting a guiding team of leaders to enable and support their teams and organisation
  3. CAPABILITY UPLIFT – Knowledge transfer through training and coaching for all staff at all levels
  4. AGILE PILOTS – Kick starter pilot programs and scaling Agile teams to be effective in the enterprise
  5. CULTURE – Supporting and encouraging a cultural shift that cultivates creativity and innovation